Aries / Mesh Rashi - Master Planet : Mars / Mangal
The Person born under Aries sign have a bit dark complexioned face, eyes somewhat brown, medium height and strong body, long neck and they talk cleverly, they are very careful by nature. They are active fiery, high spirited, energetic, athletic, charismatic, courageous, optimistic and friendly. They often fails to finish things when details demand too much of attention or they simply less interest. They have a tendency to allow their enthusiasm to exceed their actual ability.
Taurus / Vrisha Rashi - Master Planet : Venus / Shukra
The person of this sign possesses charming physique with a medium height, have fair complexion, attractive face and beautiful eyes. They have thick neck and round face, curly hair. They are calm and stable people who are dependable and are confident of reaching their goal in life. They are able to focus on their goals and decide on their course of actions through determination and constant observations.
Gemini / Mithun Rashi - Master Planet : Mercury / Budh
The person with Gemini sign have small face, pointing chin. They may possess dual nature, effective personality. They have judicious and humane nature and they are very intelligent. They are imaginative, pleasant, thoughtful and adaptable. They are tall in height, medium complexion, dark eyes, thin hair, soft spoken. They lean while walking. Their inexplicable behaviour makes you a person of several talents but also with the ability of doing justice to them. The shades of characters in them make them an attractive person. They have a pecuilar tendancy to try and finish any work in a moment.
Cancer / karka Rashi - Master Planet : Moon / Chandra
The person under the cancer sign are sensitive, conservative. They are sympathetic, energetic and imaginative. They are water lover. They love travelling. Their upper jaws are ussually big, they have round face and long organs of body. They love the opposite sex. They are obstinate non-emotional and show less hospitality and often are sentimental. Their sensitivity can cause them to hold their emotions. They are slow workers. They love luxuries in life.
Leo / Simha Rashi - Master Planet : Sun / Surya
The personS under of this sign are courageous. They tall in height and powerful physique and broad chest. They are born with leadership qualities and have magnetic power of attraction. They have fair complexion, broad forehead, beautiful eyes and big noes. They are ambitious and have dominating nature. They like fast driving and fast moving vehicles. They can be outspoken when out of temper. However, their anger usually does hot last long and their positivity and good humour ruturns swiftly.
Virgo / kanya Rashi - Master Planet : Budh
The person under this sign are very sensitive. They are practical, inteligent and love refinement in life and they always smile in their life, but they are lazy by nature, and a slow worker. They are middle-height, soft-spoken. They do not reveal their secrets. Their minds are usually more active than their bodies. These people usually have good clear momories, which increases thier problem solving skills. They are careful about diet, health and rest.
Libra / Tula Rashi - Master Planet : Venus / Shukra
The person with Libra sign are very logical and dominated and also very sensitive and curious. They are gentle and critical and charming by nature and easily making up with any people. they are usually thin and tall. They take dicisions very carefully. They usually have active minds. they are diplomatic and naturally very cooperative and helpful and aslo able to motivate others.
Scorpio / Vrischik Rashi- Master Planet : Mars / Mangal
The person born under scorpio sign are quite serious in nature. They are honest, trustful and sincere, have fair complexion, height medium and fat body and big teeth and jaws. They do and finish their work quite fast, but by their nature they irritate other ones. They are violent and use rough language in their speech. They are intellegent and helpfull to others and do social work. They do not make friends easily. They speak less and believe more in action. They do not have good relations with their family but they always worries abrren and family.
Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi - Master Planet :Jupiter / Guru
The people under this sign have lot of principal. They have long face and neck. They are soft spoken and usually born in reach families. They stick to their friendship. They have weak and thin hair and they lose their hair early. They are honest, truthful,generus, intellegent,loyal and independent. But the dual nature of this sign makes them hesitant while taking important decission.
Capricorn / Makara Rashi- Master Planet Saturn / Sani
The people under this sign are thin in body and long necked. They are critical in nature. They have strong bones and hard hair. They work slowly but confidently, sincere, soft hearted. They may even act selfishly. If they don't get what they want, however love for them is special.
Aquarius / kumbh Rashi - Master Planet : Saturn / Sani
The people under this sign are lover of personal freedom. They have fair complexion medium height. They are imaginative, serious and spiritual in nature. They are also very helpful and kind. They do not make friends easily. They spend time to thinking about how things can be better. They are altruistic, humane people who are determine to make a difference. They are very imotional.
Pisces / Meena Rashi - Master Planet : Jupiter / Guru
The person under this sign have very good qualities. They are medium heighted. They trust people very easily. They lid a simple life. They make friendship with popular people. They easily become popular because of their frankly nature. They are very emotional. They love their work very much as they like rest. They can also be quite romantic, dreaming up delicious treats for their lover.